Residential Floors

Give an elegant and aesthetic look to your home by overhauling old floors with an impressive new finish

We take great pride in uplifting residential floors for individual clients and builders. We are more than happy to explain all aspects of the works required to complete your project, and at the same time look at options to save you money but still achieve the required high standards.

From polished concrete to stone and epoxy, we are dedicated to provide you with the finest service and outcome fitting your budget. Your next floor project may cost less than you think. Arrange a one-on-one with us by calling 0414819755 or emailing

Residential Floors

Are you a home owner who wants to have that modern look of polished concrete throughout your house, garage, entertainment area or even around your swimming pool? Then you have come to the right place.
Below are 6 key advantages of both the Mechanically Polished Concrete and the Grind & Seal Polished Concrete.

Advantages of Polished Concrete


Polished concrete flooring is extremely durable and hard wearing. When correctly maintained, it will outlast any other floor covering for many years to come.


Reduce cleaning time, remove the need for floor coverings, and lower your power bills associated with cleaning and lighting.


Aside from sweeping and damp mopping, polished concrete flooring requires little maintenance. The nature of the surface means that less effort is required to keep the floor clean. Upkeep is minimal. Just use a dry microfiber mop to clean, and use warm water with a neutral cleaner. Keep all acidic products away from polished surfaces.


Great in commercial flooring, being resistant to stains and tyre marks. Once polished and hardened/densified the concrete floor is then dense enough to be resistant to water, oil and other contaminants. We also seal the floor after the polish which effectively protects the floor even more.


Increases ambient lighting, making spaces fill with more light organically.


No dirty grout lines, no yellowing, no fading and no re-coating.

Advantages of Grind & Seal


The initial service costs are somewhat lower than the other polished concrete options.


The nature of the surface and low porosity level means that less effort is required to keep the floor clean.


Surface is non-porous and will not harbour bacteria which in turn provides a healthy environment.


The cost is the same if you want a matte, semi-gloss or the high gloss finish.


There are outdoor options available in a UV stable finish to stop yellowing over time and we also have anti-slip sealers to match slip rating.

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