Mechanically Polished Concrete

Mechanically Polished Concrete also known as MPC is a process where the floor surface is ground and polished to such a high level that the concrete surface itself reflects the light and shines without a topical sealer being applied to it. The surface gloss is achieved purely through mechanical polishing and refinement using progressively finer grit diamond tooling to polish the floor surface.

This highly refined finished is recommended for indoor surfaces only. We don’t recommend it for outdoor areas as it can become slippery when wet and doesn’t take kindly to fluids pooling on it for long periods of time as i.e. rain.

This floor finish has become increasingly popular in both the residential and commercial markets in recent years due to it’s attractive aesthetic appearance, low maintenance, durability and resistance to wear in high traffic areas. For these reasons it is consistently found in shopping malls, airports, department stores and other areas that experience a high level of foot traffic.

A Polished Concrete floor is actually one of the cheapest flooring solutions over the long term of a 15 – 20 year period as it does not require re-coating with a topical sealer every couple of years eliminating future costs. It is durable, low maintenance and has great health advantages. With the floor surface being so dense and refined, it will not accommodate the growth of toxic mould or dust mites, eliminating the detrimental effects to any of your family members that might be allergy sufferers.

A Polished Concrete floor is beautiful, durable, long lasting, requires minimal upkeep and will easily survive the test of time.


The initial service costs are somewhat lower than the other polished concrete options.


The nature of the surface and low porosity level means that less effort is required to keep the floor clean.


Surface is non-porous and will not harbour bacteria which in turn is a healthy environment.


The cost is the same if you want a matte, semi-gloss or the high gloss finish.


There are outdoor options available in a UV stable finish to stop yellowing over time and we also have anti-slip sealers to match slip rating.


Flooring grip can be enhanced by adding beading, powder, crystal chips or grit.

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